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Consider these current technologies:

They all rely on Telecommunications to operate

To make them mobile, they all need Wireless Communication

I also know that many small businesses want to grow. One way, and a fast way, is to grow by acquisitions. Those that do not grow they may stay small for a long time, some may grow to the owner's level of comfort, but eventually ownership transitions to someone else, unless they close and liquidate.

There are many organizations providing products and services that make these technologies work.
And, in turn, they rely in part, on a myriad of established small businesses that provide material, parts and services to support their operations and help out with the challenges presented by these new technologies.

I know this, because I worked in the industry for decades.


Here are examples of some businesses that took the step of changing ownership at some point:

Wiring and Cabling Contractor serving the IT and Telecom industry  

Manufacturer of metal enclosures   

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Custom Manufacturer of Automated Testing Station  

Manufacturer of Industrial Work Stations    

Computer manufacturer

CNC Machine shop also making parts for antennas