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  • Fixed Wireless:
    ​These are wireless links that are set-up where cables are non-existent, or they are a better alternative to cable in terms of practicality, expediency, or economics. Typically they include Microwave Radio links, VHF/UHF radio links, and Satellite links. 

  • ​​Mobile Wireless:
  • Communication to/from moving vehicles, persons, and devices of various kinds, such as laptops, tablets, smart  phones, cameras, computers, mobile IoT devices, roving robots, autonomous vehicles, drones, etc. 

  • IoT - Internet of Things:
  • ​As part of the drive to Digitization, these devices are making their way in our society attached to people, machines, animals, and assets of various kinds, or simply placed in desired locations to report data or occurrence of events, or broadcast message in its vicinity to devices that are able to receive them. They are used for communication, monitoring, control, automation, and gathering data for analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), for better decision making, be it in business, industry, medicine, and other fields.