There are many companies that provide material and services to address specific business needs for wireless communication. You can find them on line if you know exactly what products and services would best suit your specific needs.
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contact us and describe what you are trying to achieve. Frank will get back to you. Frank has decades of experience in wireless communication systems, as RF Engineer and Project Manager, serving major corporations in the Telecommunication Industry.

  • Fixed Wireless:
  • Connectivity for people and things, from one point to one or many other spots, using Radio Frequencies (RF). Ideal for those locations not served by cables or wires.

  • ​​Mobile Wireless:
  • Connectivity for people and things, using Radio Frequencies (RF), in a mobile environment, whether moving or at times, stationary. 

  • IoT - Internet of Things:
  • ​​Things could be any-thing that is set-up to communicate electronically. Connect it to the Internet, and you have Internet of Things (IoT). If you need wireless connectivity for it, then you fit it with a radio-frequency (RF) transmitter/receiver. You can then build your own network of things which you can use for communication, gathering intelligence, monitoring and control of remote devices.